What we can do for your organization

Efiscens is at the service of NGOs, NGOs, social entrepreneurs based or who act in French-speaking African countries who wish to solve problems felt in their organization in order to improve the effectiveness of their actions.

We offer to support them, according to their needs, in particular in:

  • the management of their human resources,

  • Rationalization of their organization for better efficiency,

  • The organization of participatory workshops,

  • Institutional and strategic diagnosis,

  • Participatory strategic planning,

  • Help with writing projects for donors,

  • The organization of events (forums, seminars, etc.),



Efiscens offers support to foundations already set up, to NGOs benefiting from "cascading subsidies" , to organizations from the diaspora and to companies : Concerted identification of actors likely to be supported, project monitoring, evaluations, capitalization ...

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To carry out actions on the ground that are sustainable, it is necessary to benefit from a solid structure. After having identified your needs together, we propose a shared diagnosis, we identify together the areas of improvement and we accompany you throughout the process.

We can help you set up your human resources management system, propose a concerted plan of reorganization, advise you on the management techniques to adopt ...



You do not really know what you want to do, but you know that you want to dedicate funds to actors who carry out social activities in Africa.

We help you build your strategy :

which actions?

for what kind of impact?

What is the best way to obtain results expected?

How to choose the best partners on the ground?

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identification, SELECTION, monitoring, evaluation PROJECTS

Identification : we offer potential donors to help them identify the right project, and to think together whether the conditions are met to consider initiating or extending a relationship with an actor in the field.

Selection : Logical framework, Objectively Verifiable Indicators, Expected Results, Risk Analysis, Formulation of Hypotheses ...

Quite a program in the program! We participate in several project selection committees and we suggest that LNGOs reread their proposals from the perspective of the donor.

Monitoring : monitoring the projects funded for donors can be complicated, we offer them close monitoring, geared towards a participatory and concerted approach, budgetary monitoring, actions in the field, monitoring of reporting

Evaluation / Capitalization : mid-term and follow-up of the implementation of recommendations, evaluation at the end of the project and reflections on the methodology deployed by the NGO in the field and the elements of capitalization resulting from this experience

identification sélection et suivi de projets
identification sélection évaluation de projets
sélection suivi évaluation de projets
sélection suivi évaluation de projets
renforcement de capacités
diagnostic institutionnel
appui renforcement institutionnel
atelier partenaires
pro bono

We can propose that our prices be based on the reimbursement of costs incurred in order to allow associations with few resources to use our support.

Suivi Evaluation de Projets