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The convictions that drive us

Renforcement de capacités, localisation de l'aide

The so-called development environment has been experiencing a turning point in recent years, after several decades of implementing concrete actions in the field.

The time has come, " locally development aid ", but for this transition to take place, LNGOs must have the capacity to manage this new windfall.

The promotion of women , inclusive education , vocational training for all and social entrepreneurship are at the heart of the solutions to reduce inequalities.

Philanthropy , previously a little lacking in Africa, is more than emerging and great African philanthropists are joining and sometimes overtaking their colleagues and sisters in the North.

Actions must be more effective and sustainable in a context of more complex surgery.

The companies are called upon more and more within the framework of their CSR policy.

The large international NGOs which have done and will do a lot are seeing their working methods and their presence in vulnerable countries, targets of development programs, evolve strongly and rapidly.

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