Partners speak about us

It is an immense pleasure to collaborate with Irène, who offers a plurality of skills and knowledge, combined with a human approach and respect for partners and extremely valuable cultures.

Magali Getrey, Managing Director and Founder, PADEM

Dear Iréne

On behalf of the NGO JED, I thank you and congratulate you for the excellent work carried out for the evaluation and definition of our strategy for the next five years. You have demonstrated professionalism and fine intelligence. in group coaching and collaborative work.

thanks again

Ibrahima GUEYE, Executive Director, YOUTH AND DEVELOPMENT

Irène lived up to expectations by providing us with a clear, encouraging and professional assessment while giving us suitable and accessible areas for improvement.

The second collaboration was to co-construct a workshop for reflection and work with six NGO partners from Senegal, Niger and Bolivia. We wanted the support of Efiscens to better build the workshop upstream and to have external support during the workshop.

Once again the collaboration was a success. Professional expectations were met and all the partners were able to leave the workshop satisfied, with the assurance of having learned new things and having grown.

It is likely that our professional paths will cross again!

Elisabeth Voyeux, Coordinator, ONGD Guiden a Scouten fir ENG Welt


Thank you very much for this very detailed and very informative report!

Congratulations to you for this work, despite the difficulties encountered during the process. It is motivating for the rest of the ....... if they appropriate this document well.

Consultant in charge of CSO capacity building - IUCN

Efiscens is a quality partner with extreme efficiency.

Having collaborated together for the organization of our first forum in Senegal, as part of the Africa Days of SOS SAHEL, I was impressed by the involvement and professionalism of Irène Sesmaisons. She was able to form a real team with our employees, and supported us well above our expectations. We owe him the success of our event, the quality of the program, the speakers and the participants.

Rémi Hemeryck, Managing Director of SOS SAHEL

henri moussavou.jpg

I would like to thank you very sincerely for this very precise and complete report which faithfully traces the progress of the assessment mission of the Rice / Ducks project in Casamance. This report explains very clearly the various strengths and weaknesses of our intervention strategy. I very much appreciate your sharp diagnostic skills, your capacity for analysis and synthesis as set out in this report.

I also thank you for the very constructive and encouraging testimony given to the quality of the collaboration between AGADA & AEV. Big thanks!!!!!

Malick DJIBA / Head of Antenna Ziguinchor / Institute for Cooperation for Development in Africa / Executive Secretary NGO AGADA

Irene has been a most generous supporter of EPIC-Africa over the last two years. 

She has served as an advisor, a connector, an editor, a translator, and a top cheerleader. 

Thank you for continuing to believe in EPIC-Africa and opening important doors.

Rose Maruru, co founder EpicAfrica

Good evening Irene;

Once again; we thank you for having enriched our knowledge.

This very useful and motivating session allowed us to improve our approach to leading a team; which will undoubtedly distinguish us from others.

We greatly appreciated the dynamism, the sense of humor and the methods of making our exchanges productive and enriching.

The greatest lessons come not from a book but from a trainer like you.

A very enthusiastic trainer like you we will never forget!

Bioforce 2020 student

Ms. Sesmaisons led the mid-term evaluation of the ECLAT program that JED is implementing in Senegal. We were impressed by the methodology adopted, its pragmatism and its efficiency; especially as regards the precision of the diagnosis, the advice and the respect of the deadlines. The report produced is useful to us in several respects insofar as it clearly identifies the areas of success, but also the points of attention while formulating recommendations to correct errors.

Abdoulaye SOW, regional coordinator NGO Youth And Development (JED) in Matam

Big thank you for the professionalism that I always appreciate in your interventions with always so much kindness for each of your interns.

Henri Moussavou, coordinator of integral business training, Bioforce Institute Dakar

"Thank you very much for your report which was very interesting. It reflects the image of a dynamic and promising project and of a local team full of good will and energy to bring it to life." Anabelle Verdurme / Seed Foundation

Irène successfully supported us in recruiting two senior account managers based in Dakar for our development and investment activities in West Africa. Irène was able to identify many talents and then make a relevant selection based on a complete analysis of their professional qualities, their experience but also their character, motivation and psychology. Thanks to a great sense of listening and an ability to project herself into our activities, Irène was able to give us the right recommendations and today, a year later, we do not regret these choices. "

Mathieu Peller, Africa Director of Meridiam , an investment company specializing in public infrastructure projects .

"Our first meeting allowed us to realize how important it was to structure ourselves and to work in project mode and not in" one shot ". Our discussions pushed us to be more pragmatic. You push us to question and to a perpetual perspective. "

Momar Fall, President, Les Petites Gouttes

After visiting the two nursery schools that we built in the department of MBOUR, Irène was able to put us in touch with Dakar donors (associations, companies, foundations).

Irène was also able, during various interviews, to help me make a diagnosis and orient me on the future of the TCHE KANAM association.

NADINE DIOP, Vice President, TCHE KANAM Association ,