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Efiscens, Together with :

Irène Sesmaisons

Trainer for Bioforce Institute Dakar, Irène Sesmaisons created Efiscens in 2017. She has more than 25 years of experience in NGOs (Enda Morocco, Inter Aide, Tostan Senegal), she directed the Fondation Ensemble, worked in the US (civil society department of the French Embassy). She is a member of project selection committees and boards of directors (AFECTI, Planète Enfants & Développement), and accompanies social entrepreneurs.

Nautenle Batista

Nautenle works with us since February 2024 as our program manager

Aïda Gueye

Aïda joined us for an internship between octobre 2023 and March 2024

Mostafa Ouki

We worked together on the evaluation of the program Approche run by Caritas

Trust Africa

Trust Africa provides us with essential advices linked with our report "resource mobilization by national NGOs"


ICVA helps us with the dissemination of our work linked with "resource mobilization by national NGOS, focus francophones countries of the Sahel region"


INTRAC helps us with the dissemination of our work linked with "resource mobilization by national NGOs, francophone countries of the Sahel"

Africa experts Incorporated

Efiscens is registered


Efiscens and Kimso collaborate on evaluation linked with monitoring social change of programs


Efiscens and Humacoop worked together to set up and implement a training plan for Padem' partners in Senegal

Africa Europe ADEPT

Irène Sesmaisons was member of the selection committee experts

philab / UQAM

We worked together to know and strentghen African Philantropy Landscape


EFISCENS and ACCELERACTIONS collaborated on projects related to institutional strengthening and the definition of intervention strategy for Senegalese NGOs.


The Federative Association of Experts and Consultants of International Technical Cooperation. Irene is member of their board


Women in Africa (WIA) supports, accompanies and contributes to the promotion of this new generation of African women in the service of an inclusive and innovative Africa.

Hedwige Serot Almeras

Hedwige helps us in all our work linked with social entrepreneurs and NGO's strategy

Ulrich de Dieu Moboyo

Ulrich and Efiscens collaborated around Human resources management trainings

funds for ngos

Want to know about all the current calls for projects? Connect to Funds for Ngos

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